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Eco Silk (INCI: Isoamyl Laurate)

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Eco Silk is a vegetable based emollient made out of renewable natural sources such as Sugar and Coconut.
Eco Silk possesses unsurpassed unique and amazing properties.

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Eco Silk is a natural 100% vegetable emollient with unique properties :

  • Volatile touch similar to cyclomethicone.
  • Improves spreadability.
  • Reduces stickiness of waxes and butters.
  • Reduce soaping effect of emulsions.
  • Ideal emollient for deodorants/Antiperspirant.
  • Aerosol approved.
  • ECOCERT approved.
  • Vegan certified.

A vegetable based emollient made out of renewable natural sources such as Sugar and Coconut and it possesses unsurpassed unique and amazing properties.


  • Sun care
  • Baby care
  • Day care
  • Hair care
  • Bath oil
  • Make up remover
  • Antipersipants
  • Aerosols
  • Natural cosmetics
  • Replacement for Cyclomethicone, PPG-15 Stearyl Ether
  • Bath oil Make up remover Antipersipants Aerosols Natural cosmetics
Volatile touch

This eco-friendly silicone replacement has a superior volatile behavior, making it the ideal “improved” replacement for volatile silicones. Unlike silicones, Eco Silk is free from CMR, free from solvents, has no inhalation toxicity and respects our environment.

Reduces the soaping effect / whitening of creams

When a high amount of waxes or fatty alcohol is used, emulsions become white on the skin during application; especially natural emulsions suffer from this problem. Adding this eco friendly silicone replacement to such an emulsion reduces this whitening effect efficiently.

Boosts spreadability

Emulsions with high amount of vegetable oils, butters or waxes have an unpleasant spreadability. Eco Silk reduces this problem in a spectacular way. The effect is comparable to volatile silicones

Eliminates tackiness completely

Sun screens, vitamins give a sticky skin feel to cosmetics. In the presence of Eco Silk, this tackiness disappears completely. An ideal solution for a day creams with a high SPF or a high content of vitamins.

Soluble with Dimethicone

Almost no ingredients mix with Dimethicone. Eco Silk is a natural exeption as it mixes easily with Dimeticone. It is therefore a powerful (waterproof) make up remover which does not irritate eyes.

Disperses solids

This product is a perfect dispersing agent for Titanium Dioxide, Aluminium Chlorohydrate and make up pigments.

Dissolves sunscreens

This product dissolves sunscreens easier than synthetic emollients such as Alkyl Benzoate.

Avoids oil separation

The product is able to mix unmixable ingredients. In this way it eliminates oil separation problem in emulsions and is also able to clarify bath oils.

Turns W/O into a O/W-touch

W/O-emulsions have a reputation to have a heavy feeling on the skin. This product easily transforms these W/O-emulsions into light emulsions that can be hardly distinguished from a O/W-emulsions.


Transparent, colourless liquid with a characteristic odour


20g, 37.5g, 75g, 150g, 300g

7 reviews for Eco Silk (INCI: Isoamyl Laurate)

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  1. This ECO Silk does wanders to my lotions, creams and conditioners.

  2. I absolutely love this for my skin. It really makes a noticeable difference when switching out carrier oils for this.

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