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Empty Mini Mascara Tube – 3ml Clear with Black Lid

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Empty Mini Mascara Tube

Make your own mascara for personal use, to give as gifts or to sell.  These tubes are also amazing for lash serums

The Clear container makes it easy to see the colour of lipgloss and the remaining volume inside the tube

Each tube comes with a rubber insert for the opening to keep air out and prevent unwanted leaking

As a product type, mascaras are high viscosity emulsions that contain water (and/or other solvents, eg alcohol, silicones), oil, waxes and emulsifiers.

In addition, mascaras can also contain

  • Filmformers, to make them longer-lasting and water-resistant (eg acacia senegal gum, PVP, acrylates copolymer).
  • Water thickeners (eg xanthan gum) can also be added to the formula to stabilize the emulsion.
  • Some mascaras also contain fibers to lengthen the lashes. In conventional products those fibers are nylon or rayon, while in natural mascaras cellulose-based fibers are available.

As mascaras contain water, they need to be well preserved, especially because they are applied in close proximity to the eye, and any microbial contamination could be very dangerous.

Mascaras normally contain a high percentage of waxes, which means that during the process of making, their viscosity increases quite a lot as they cool down. This can make the task of transferring the thickened product into a small mascara tube quite tricky. Having a disposable syringe is handy, as it makes the process of filling the mascara tube easier.

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8 reviews for Empty Mini Mascara Tube – 3ml Clear with Black Lid

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