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How can I bring passion back?

A roundup of 9 blogposts to help you achieve success with bringing passion back to your relationship

How can I bring passion back into our relationship? Surprisingly this question gets asked more than you’d think. We’ve done some investigation on ways to achieve this.

How did you loose it in the 1st place?

While their are many reasons why a couple might feel they’ve lost the passion in their relationship, one of the main ones that stand out seem to be the loss of libido of one or both partners.

Other reasons might be:

  • Life gets in the way – children, hobbies, friend & family
  • One or both partners might have “let go” of themselves
  • We fall into a routine and the initial excitement fades
  • We’ve moved from being lovers to being companions

What causes Low Libido?

  • A big contributor is hormone imbalance. For women it can be caused by pregnancy & breastfeeding, but can also be caused by other factors.
  • Certain prescription medication can also be the cause
  • Substance abuse, including alcohol
  • Psychological issues which can include depression, stress, and problems in your relationship
  • Too little or too much excercise

So, how can I bring passion back?

While many of the causes above will be best discussed with your doctor, there are some non medical things you can try as an early intervention. Before you decide you need serious medical help.

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We've done a roundup of 9 posts, with tips, tricks and inspiration to help you bring passion back

  • This medically reviewed Healthline article has a list of essential oils that can help set the mood for intimacy
  • has a list of the best essential oils for a sizzling sex life
  • Aromaweb has a whole guide on essential oil aphrodisiacs and how they work
  • Another medically reviewed Healthline article has a list of Aphrodisiac Foods That Boost Your Libido
  • Netdoctor has a list of 30 foods they claim can help boost your libido
  • has a very thorough blogpost with 11 reasons why one might loose your passion and 20 ways to rekindle it.
  • The Gottman Institute has a post with 10 ways to rekindle passion in your marriage
  • On PS I Love You Dawn Bevier wrote a great article on Four Simple Ways to Bring the Passion Back to a Long Term Relationship
  • I especially like this WebMD article on how to rekindle the spark in your relationship
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