2 ways we are going GREENer

We always try to limit our footprint and do things more “Naturally”. In the past month we’ve had the privilege of reducing our carbon footprint in two areas of our business.

1. Our Electricity Usage

We recently tied into the solar supply of the main property.  This is awesome news for you, us and the environment!

Our area is plagued by cable theft, meaning frequent power interruptions sometimes for up to 5 days at a time.

Not having power for extended periods negatively affected our service levels:

  • no internet meant we couldn’t access your orders online and couldn’t book courier collections either
  • we were unable to print picking lists or waybills
  • we had no lights to be able to see to pick your orders
  • our scales didn’t work so we couldn’t pack raw products

We should no longer have the above issues AND we are not using Coal generated electricity anymore, YAY!!

2. Our Stickers & Printing

We have been outsourcing our sticker printing.  The printers used a vinyl base to print on which obviously was a plastic product.  Plus, then we had to transport the finished stickers to us, think CO2 emissions, ugh, not very environmentally friendly.

We bought a new printer and are now moving our sticker printing in-house.  We found a great supplier for paper-based stickers.  The new stickers will still be of a high quality and are water & oil resistant, but no longer plastic based.

Another bonus of bringing our printing back in house, is that the lead times for printing will be reduced as well.

To limit waste, we will introduce the new stickers as the old ones are sold out.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to use the comment section or contact us.

DIY Naturally

Online order delays...

We are very excited to join the Hobby-X this year and look forward to meeting our customers face-to-face.

Preparing for and attending the event will however affect our normal processing times for online orders.

Please note:

  • All online orders received between 25 April & 8 May, will experience delays being shipped, please place your orders timeously to avoid any disappointment.
  • No showroom visits will be possible from 25 April to 6 May
  • While we are at the Hobby-X we will have limited availability to answer calls, whatsapps & email