Durosoft PG4-O – Oil to Milk Emulsifier


Durosoft PG4-O works wonderfully in oil formula’s to facilitate an oil to milk reaction when mixing into water
Use with our carrier oils to create wonderful oil to milk products.


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GTIN: Durosoft PG4-O - Oil to Milk Emulsifier
MPN: Durosoft PG4-O - Oil to Milk Emulsifier
Brand: Durosoft PG4-O - Oil to Milk Emulsifier

Durosoft PG4-O is a water-in-oil emulsifier perfect for creating thick formulations with low oil content that easily break in application
such as barrier creams, night creams and in sun protection products.
Durosoft PG4-O is naturally derived from sunflower seed oil, its lipophilic properties make it ideal for use in transparent and water
free formulations such as oil cleansers, massage oils and solid moisturising bars.

» COSMOS approved
» W/O emulsifier
» Emollient
» Naturally derived
» Skin and eye friendly
» Preservative free
» Ethoxylate free
» GMO free
» PEG free
» Vegan
» Dermatologically tested

Usage Rate: 5 – 15%


50g, 100g


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